Friday, November 13, 2015

November 2 (Monday) -3 (Tuesday), 2015 Hanging out in Monterey Bay, CA

Taking notes for the next paint job on Luninesce!

Walking along the Cannery Row.
The city of Monterey obviously trying to copy Eureka, with various rail cars scattered along the waterfront.
Practicing fake smiles.  Someone's tired from walking but obviously not the young 'ns.

The girls always check out berries and fruits on trees.  They love these palm dates.  

Ok, load up those backpacks girls.  Looks like we found dinner. 
Another pic of the boat in Monterey Bay Marina.
Why are coastal towns associated with so much salt water taffy?  Here is yet another Salt Water Taffy shop.  Check out the taffy puller in the window.  We broke down and bought.  Sooooo good. 
Cutip. Courtesy of her majesty's personal fashion coordinator, Sophia.  A rope craft gift from Sona.

Farmer's market in Monterey.  In this area, the farmer's markets move around through different towns in the area each day of the week.  Tuesday was a farmer's market in Monterey. 

We were able to color coordinate the parrots with the girls' jackets. 
You never know who you will run into.  As I was busy scrutinizing the quality of nappa cabbage for my kimchee, I heard screaming and giggling.  Carissa, the girls' old teacher's assistant from Pioneer Meadows, had recognized us in the Farmer's Market crowd.  She had just finished biking through Washington and Oregon with her fiancee and was hanging out with her parents who live in Monterey.  Sounds like she and her fiancee will stay in Monterey for awhile trying to figure out their next move.  Many blessings to Carissa and fiancee!
The girls were a little bewildered that they ran into their old teacher's assistant from school.  Carissa remembers Sophia when she was just 3 and Anna at 5.  The girls are growing too fast! 

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  1. Cutip's crown is great--very regal! What a coincidence running into the girls' former teaching assistant! A couple parrots are just what you need on the boat, don't you think?