Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Fashion Spread for the Winter Shelter Island Collection

The girls begged us to buy them some fabric to make dresses. So we did and the following are the dresses we came up with.  It was a joint effort by the girls and Monica. One trivia about our boat: Luminesce carries two sewing machines on board- one for sewing sails and other canvas work  and another for just sewing for fun like these dresses. The crew had fun sewing these dresses in a few hours while other critical boat related activities and installations were in our captain's hands.

Anna's is in a sheath dress with a sloped round neck line and slight capped sleeves . 

She loved playing with this scrap of tulle we got at the fabric store.  Finally, it seemed fun to try to blow it in the wind but this low budget photo shoot couldn't afford a wind machine. 

The dress is perfect for a Sunday brunch but yet comfortable enough for a ride in a dinghy. 

Woe to me for working with these  models who had no respect for the stylist/photographer's artistic directions.  Asked for a pensive look but got a mischievious look holding a chin while her partner prances around in some native dance ritual. 

Can't they just pose naturally? At least one got the idea while the other one will just have to do for now. 

Always happy to include Cutip as a prop for any photo op.  Cutip, not so much.


  1. So glad I checked in. We are all "California dreaming " Girls, you look fabulous! Send us some sunshine! We are anxiously watching the boat in the yard anticipating our own adventure on the lake! Thanks for the updates and we look forward to the future antics of the fashion girls.

  2. Wow, great dresses and fashion shoot! I'm surprised you didn't make a cute catsuit or rain slicker for Cutip while you were in sewing mode!

  3. Well done on the lovely dresses! I fondly recall watching my mom lay out her dress patterns, pin, cut, and sew. Seeing your dresses reminds me of my Mom and your bright fabrics are a happy reminder that Spring will arrive soon! We still have snow piles here.

  4. It was a treat to hear all your voices. Sophia sounded more mature.
    Happy birthday to Jeff and miss you guys all so much.
    I think Maria will be the one who will stay connected with all the cousins. She get so excited to to hear from her kids any time.
    We had a very nice time with Tony and parents. We wish for a family reunion to share all our stories. What blessing it is to have family to share live with.
    God bless you.

  5. We had a great time. Thanks for the time with you in La Paz. Dave and family.