Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 30.2015 Sunday

Who has time to blog about their journey getting to departure! 
The time that is left to prepare for the boat is precious and seem never enough.  Therefore, I decided not to spend much time documenting our journey to departure.  The most I have done so far is to create this blog site with our boat name on it.  

Many of you are very worried about how our blogging will come a long once we set sail.  Honestly, I am too. Many have asked whether I was going to have a blog or keep up on Facebook.  Said no to FB but told people that they can keep up with us on some kind of blog that I will be setting up once I get around to it.  Technically, I have a blog site but not much content.  

Once we get out there. I am sure I will be dying to communicate so check back in to see what developments have been made on this blog.  

Until then, pray for us that we get off our dock with all critical things wrapped up and taken care of. 

I am going to miss our sundeck.  It's especially nice during those rare sunny cold days.  We can just bask in the sun pretending it's summer while it's 40's outside.  

And, the beautiful sunsets... Actually there will be many more superb sunsets in our future.

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