Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 26th, 2015 Left Jones Headed for Port Angeles (Saturday)

Leaving Jones Island and into the fog. 

Untied from the mooring buoy at Jones Island. Left the island with some fog that became thicker by the minute.  Our fog horn system automatically sent off its blaring honks every 10 mins to let others know that we were coming in the fog.  Good to know these safety features Jeff installed were working.  

The girls are happy to be at the bow watching the waves.  It is actually quite hypnotizing.  
The morning fog turned into a welcomed sunlit afternoon as we watched two orca whales feeding on our southward journey to Port Angeles. 

The captain looks content with clear skies. Doesn't he?

Sophia says the whole trip would be boring without Cutip.  Let's just say that there is a bit of commotion over Cutip between the girls.

Some wonder if we are torturing our cat to have her on our trip. We just didn't have a good home for our Cutip and couldn't bear to leave her at a shelter. She is getting used to the boat life again. 

 It felt as though we covered great distance today. We headed into the Port Angeles Marina with a cross wind breeze that made it difficult to get into our assigned slip.  After several attempts and entertaining a few bystanders, we decided to leave the slip for an easier port side tie on the E dock with the big boys, mega yachts like Westport and Nordhaven.  Port Angeles happens to be where Westports are built and are often moored at the marina.  PA, as the locals call it, is also a major stopping point for great big oil tankers.  


  1. Hi, guys! The trip looks awesome so far! We love the photos and commentary. We were wondering if Cutip was joining you, so now we know. Glad to hear she's getting her sea legs and settling in. Henry's wondering how many pounds of cat food you had to pack?

  2. Well, Henry. We started the journey with 8 lbs of dry cat food and 36 bag of 3 oz (6.75lbs) . wet food. So that's about 15 lbs. She was acting somewhat weird the first couple weeks. She would sit in front of her food but would only lick the gravy in her bowl. Tried just the dry food and didn't touch it. We determined that she didn't like this new brand that I got because I wanted the closed lid container. We threw the cheap brand out and switched to the high protein dry cat food and seems to take this a little better. I will try to include some stories of Cutip in future postings. Love,Monica