Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28th and 29th, 2015 Left Port Angeles to Neah Bay
Arrived in Neah Bay.  All day motoring with a bout of sea sickness (only Monica), we were tired.  We were met with warm sun and many sea lions that are permanent residents of Makah Marina.  This is the last protected stop of the San Juan's according to the navigational guides, Charlie's Chart. It says we are committed once we round Cape Flattery.  That sounded like a good advice.  As a result we are staying another night to make sure that we have all our belongings on board strapped down.  We are sure to meet swells, winds that create 3-5 ft waves, not to mention more than 15deg heel while under sail. 

 The girls are fascinated by the "quick sand" like soft sand that exists near the marina office.  Personally not my favorite kind of sand. It's one of those real stinky muddy sand, where lot of clams like to hide.  They dug, scraped, piled, and simply wallowed in that stinky muddy sand as if in hog heaven. Beach time was long overdue for them since we didn't get out to the San Juans this year. Apparently, it doesn't matter what type of beach or sand as long as there is water and you can pack and mold it to some kind of shape.  I just don't like to deal with the aftermath especially when laundry is not so easy on the boat.

Fish bone vertebrate. 

Girls are squinting in the sun trying to capture pictures of the sea lions.

These are Anna's comments:
we saw sea lions fighting on the dock. One pushed another one off the dock. Then, the one that was pushed jumped back onto the dock and fought again. The same one got pushed off again. Then, the sea lion remaining on the dock snorted victoriously making fun of the one he pushed off. Another one jumped on another dock, and took a nap. Also,if you ever go to Neah bay you should go to the museum. Unfortunately,you are not allowed to take pictures.

These are Sophia's comments:
In the museum there are stuffed sea lions and real bear skin and seal skin. There are also whale bones.

There is a replica of a long house that has the bear skin, the seal skin, and dried salmon.  

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  1. Your blog is terrific! I'm enjoying reading it and love the pictures! I miss you all and pray for you daily....bless you :)