Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 27th, 2015 Stayed another night at Port Angeles (Sunday)

We found Queen of Angeles for mass at 11AM.  We made it to mass after about 35mins of trekking.  I have never been that determined to find and make it to mass on time.  Clearly, our trek to Queen of Angeles was to be a pilgrimage of some kind. The homily started out with, "I didn't lose my leg because I sinned." The priest was in a wheelchair but I didn’t realize that he had one leg amputated. He didn’t go into why one of his legs was amputated but had a good homily about how every one of us is called to do God’s work, not just priests and nuns.  The church was under construction so the mass was held in the school gym.  Sophia's comment, "They had the crucifix under a basketball hoop." We enjoyed this blessed little church from the bleachers. 

It felt so weird not having our own car to go grocery shopping.  We visited the Safeway in PA with our backpacks and had to be very mindful to not overbuy beyond our backpacking capacity. 

We were able to witness the Harvest Moon this day.  The eclipsing of the moon was really cool especially because you didn’t need a special device to view the eclipse.  The moon was also especially large and bright. 

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