Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 25th, 2015 (Friday)

The day of departure.  When we woke up this morning we weren't completely sure that we'd be able to pull off the dock.  There were so many things to take care in terms of the house, affairs, cars, boat, provisioning, and schooling that the end did not seem to be an imminent reality.  But, our gathering and cleaning frenzy took off and our house started getting empty while the boat started to weigh heavier.  We met with Roger and his wife to sell our Toyota Sienna van.  He was so gracious to ask for all kinds of denominations at the bank and being patient about our date of car sales.  Since we needed the car until the last minute, we needed as much flexibility as possible in use of the car before we sent it off to its new owner.

Paul and Sharon our neighbor sent us off with warm hugs. Below are pictures they captured as we untied the lines from our dock.  We actually left our dock at 4:30PM.

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  1. Wow, so exciting to know you guys are on your way! Sounds like it was a mad dash to tie up all the loose ends, but glad it all came together. Looking forward to reading about your amazing adventure as it unfolds. Henry has already commented for the 10th time that it sounds like so much fun. He'll be eagerly awaiting updates.